Remove Spray Paint From Glass

Jun 5, 2022 | Home & Shop Improvement

I’m going to show you how to remove spray paint from glass using a method that really works. You’re going to need 3 things: acetone, towels, and a razor blade.

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Video Transcript

hey everyone welcome back to workshop and home today i'm going to show you how to remove spray paint from glass [Music] i have six of these windows in my shop door that are painted and don't ask me how that happened because i'm not going to tell you so i've got here some acetone some shop towels and some razor blades the first thing i'm going to do is soak this paint in acetone and i'm just going to actually put it directly onto the paint and then spread it around [Applause] and then what i'll do is just let that sit for a few minutes now what i'll do is i'll take a couple of these towels and put them right on top here and then i'm going to soak those towels down press these down and they'll stick to the glass there and then we'll let that sit for a couple of minutes okay it's been about two or three minutes here so let's see what we got and you can see that paint is starting to peel there and by the way you don't want to do this on any surface you care about so i wouldn't do it on the dining room table or anything hey now would be a great time to like and subscribe and just grab our razor blade and peel right up you so you can see the edges didn't get as much acetone on them so after i get this scraped then i'll add some more to those sections and you can tell the difference where the acetone was and where it penetrated is a lot easier to peel than where it did not so i'll just take my soaked rags again set those on the areas that didn't penetrate as well and let that set for a couple minutes and then come back and scrape those okay i've had that on there for a couple minutes and here's a handy tip for you if you don't have a scraping style razor blade just put a vice grip on it so so so [Applause] there we go i got most of that off and then i'll just take this rag again or one of these rags again and just wipe the rest of it okay so that looks like it's got all the paint off of it now i just want to take a clean rag and clean the window i'm using this spray away glass cleaner this stuff's pretty good all the stuff i used here today i'll try to find a link and i'll throw it down in the description for you uh and while i'm doing this a muzzle clean the other side of the window too i'm not sure what's on that side that's the outside part of the window [Music] there is a glass with a spray paint removed and easy as that now i just got five more of them to do well that's it for this episode of workshop and home i hope it was helpful and informational at least entertaining well that's it for today i hope you've [Music] [Music] you