RAM 1500 Differential Oil Change – 5th Gen Front and Rear

Jan 3, 2022 | Automotive

I show you a RAM 1500 differential oil change on the rear as well as a front differential. The front and rear differential are what allow your RAM or other vehicles to let the wheels travel at two different speeds. I used Amsoil Severe Gear for both front and rear differentials.

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▶ Thread Sealant: https://amzn.to/3kI93J7
▶ 14mm Hex Socket: https://amzn.to/3kCDosq


Video Transcript

happy new year this seems dangerous [Music] today i'm going to change the front and rear twofer differential fluid in this 2019 ram 1500. i'm starting on the front differential and the first step is to remove the skid plate the 5 8 socket will remove the four bolts holding it next with the drain pan in place i loosen and remove the fill plug the fill and drain plugs both take an eight millimeter hex bit socket quite snug too [Music] you want to remove the fill plug first just to make sure it'll come out and not leave you without being able to refill it nothing would be worse than draining the diff and not being able to fill it up again this is just a little added insurance i'm putting on a high temp thread sealant on these plugs it's really not necessary on the front plugs due to the way that they're made but it's a little extra peace of mind i put a link in the description to the sealant i used and links to some of the other items i used on this job i earn a small commission on anything you purchase through those links and it's no extra cost to you but it greatly helps this channel the oil is drained so time to put the drain plug back in [Music] for the front diff i'm using amsoil severe gear 75w90 i've never used an amsoil product but i hear good things about them the front diff takes just over a quart of oil i fill it up until the oil flows out of the fill plug and wait for it to drip then replace the fill plug [Music] then i just need to bolt up the skid plate [Music] on to the rear the rear diff is the same job as the front except for the skid plate [Music] i remove the fill plug first and this is also an eight millimeter hex socket once the fill plug is removed i remove the drain plug with a 14 millimeter hex socket [Music] the drain plug was a bit difficult to remove but a little penetrating oil and a bigger wrench did the trick hey have you liked and subscribed yet now would be a good time it's 13 degrees and this fluid takes forever to drain here again i'm putting sealant on the plugs unlike the front though these do need sealant you need to put it about three quarters of the way around the plug at the start of the fastener avoiding the first thread now that the oil is finished draining it's time to put the drain plug back in and fill it up [Music] i'm using amsoil again for the rear axle i have a 392 gear set which requires 75 w 140 gear oil friction modifier isn't required for my application since i don't have a limited slip differential it's electronically controlled if you have a limited slip diff you need to purchase the friction modifier separately the rear diff takes just under three quarts i fill it up until the oil flows out of the fill plug then wait for a slight stream and then replace the plug clean up the mess and job done oh i hope you enjoyed this episode of workshop and home we'll see you next time [Music] you