Quickjack Review BL-7000SLX FAIL

May 31, 2021 | Everything Else

I bought a Quickjack BL-7000SLX that failed to lift after the first 3 tries. Needless to say, I was highly disappointed. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or patience to troubleshoot a Quickjack that doesn’t work right. I contacted customer service and was unable to fix the lift. This is my honest review of the product.


Video Transcript

[Music] so i got this quickjack the other day and it worked about three times and then it stopped i don't know what to say here so i bought the seven thousand pound unit these are the bl 7000 slx and i bought this because i wanted to be able to lift my truck which is a ram 1500 and these are plenty big enough for that these cylinders were actually filled with hydraulic oil already and i don't know if that's something that the company does to test them or if they just pre-fill these i wasn't so concerned about that but on this pump this already had what looked like transmission fluid in it already which is an okay thing to put in there but i was a little concerned that this had been used and returned once before and i suspect that the pump is bad pump actually makes some noise but it doesn't actually seem to build any pressure so i actually got this unit from costco on sale they have pretty good deal once in a while on them and it was shipped really quickly it was probably it was less than a week i got these things the one thing is it's super heavy so to have a problem like this with something so heavy is my biggest concern just because it takes it takes a lot to move them around and my back isn't all that good these days and so hopefully it's just something simple that i can't imagine anything wrong with the cylinders themselves they look to be in good shape so i'll give the manufacturer a call tomorrow and see what they have to say red car blue car red car blue car as you can see because of the way it is i'm sending these things back so i reached out to quickjack and they gave me uh routine to try to prime this pump and it just wouldn't wouldn't work so i'm doing the next best thing and i'm just sending it back to him and getting a refund for it you know i was really hoping that this would be a good solution and i know a lot of people um have you know really good experience with these this just happened to be one of those times where mine was not so great so with these costing so much i really expect it to work out of the box and it did for a couple of times and then it stopped working so i wasn't real happy about that i'm just going in for the refund and honestly for what i paid for these things i could probably buy about 100 amc stunks anyway this video is not to discourage you from buying a quick jack at all i think the company is probably pretty good and a lot of people have had really good success with these in my case i just got frustrated with it and you know i'm going to move on from here but hopefully this will help you with your buying decision thanks for watching workshop and home we'll see you next time i hear that wildfire lift is really you