LED Night Light Outlet Cover Install

Dec 4, 2022 | Home & Shop Improvement

I install a permanent LED night light to my hallway electrical outlet. I also had to change the outlet so that the night light would fit correctly. I show you how I did it in this video. Also, my cat makes a guest appearance. Electrical work is dangerous and should be treated with respect. If you are not comfortable doing this type of work, then you should call a professional.

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▶ SnapPower GuideLight: https://amzn.to/3iW0SZe
▶ Klein Circuit Breaker Finder: https://amzn.to/3Jd7T2c


Video Transcript

hey everyone welcome back to workshop and home today I'm going to install this electrical socket Outlet [Music] so I got this night light off of Amazon and it goes over your electrical socket and turns on and off automatically the light is actually in the bottom of this cover and then it has two power leads here that go over the socket and give it its power the only problem is the socket I want to put it on is about 25 or more years old and this wasn't made to fit on that type so I'll be replacing that too anyway I've put a link down in the description below if you want to check it out so here's the plug in the hallway that I'm gonna be replacing the socket on and as you can see with my little handy dandy tester here that we have power so the first thing I need to do is turn off the power to there so I have this tool and this is a Klein circuit breaker finder Link in the description down below but this thing you just pull the back off and plug it in here and then go to the circuit breaker box turn this on and it'll show you which breaker controls this socket so let's head out there so here I'm at my very full electrical box here and I'm just going to turn this on and I think the instructions say You're supposed to just swipe this along here first and then you just go down the row and that's the one right there so if I turn that off we should have turned the power off to that socket foreign now I can see by a very dark hallway that the lights are also on the same circuit and my lights are off on this I am gonna firm that with my little electrical tester that is out now I can take the cover off of this socket now if at any point you don't feel comfortable doing this electrical work I would suggest you hire a professional it can be very dangerous and even fatal and I just got these two screws here to pull this out foreign so I found an interesting issue and of course when you're doing any kind of Home Improvement the projects always take longer than you think there are eight wires that are connected to this socket so what I need to do is take and combine all these into a pigtail and luckily I have some of this leftover Romex this stuff is like gold right now so I'm gonna put some pigtails on there and we'll get this hooked up I'm getting these old wires out can be a little difficult on these old sockets fine if we just press a screwdriver in the to the little latch and twist it to works okay sometimes okay now I'm ready for my socket I'm not going into any detail about putting the pigtail on in my experience that's not very common at all so normally what you might see is these two wires a neutral and a hot or you might see a depending on where the plug is in the circuit you may see four wires so two white and two black that's the most common and then typically these 15 amp plugs we'll just plug right into the back of the socket in this case it won't because I'm using a little bit larger gauge wire for this so I actually have to um twist these and get them on the the lugs on each side so I'm going to do that now by the way these plugs do have a polarity to them so there's a hot side and a neutral side so I need to twist this wire and I'm just going to take my pliers and put it a twist yeah now I can go ahead and hook up the plug let me get my ground wire on there yeah I'm going to go ahead and turn one of these screws in on each side because we don't need it neutral wire hooked up thank you and same for the hot wire okay so that's all good and now I just need to fold these wires back into the box okay this can be a little tricky to spray it in there you just got to get those wires kind of worked making some sits correctly foreign okay it's time to put the cover on now I'm going to put the light towards the bottom and screw it in now they shouldn't be too tight they don't want to break it that should work just fine okay time to turn the power back on I don't know well that's it for today I hope you enjoyed this video please like And subscribe and I'll see you next time [Music] [Music]