How To Sharpen a Chainsaw with a Dremel

Nov 3, 2021 | Everything Else

This video demonstrates how to sharpen a chainsaw with a Dremel. It is a quick and easy process that can be done in minutes. A sharp chainsaw is important for safety and performance, so make sure to watch this video and follow the steps to get your chainsaw sharpened like a pro!

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Video Transcript

[Music] hello and welcome to another exceptional episode of workshop and home today i'm going to unsolve the mystery solve the mystery unsolved anyway you may be thoroughly confused by the end of the video but i'm going to sharpen this chainsaw so to sharpen this chainsaw blade i'm actually going to use my dremel with an attachment that's made specifically for sharpening chains the kit that they sell also comes with the attachment for sharpening axes and one for sharpening lawn mower blades it's a really simple way to sharpen a chainsaw blade and i'll put a link down in the description for the attachment and if you don't have a dremel i suggest picking one of those up too that actually comes in pretty handy for quite a few things so on the dremel i got to take this piece off here collar i guess is what you call it come on hey if you don't mind help me out a little bit and hit that subscribe button down below i'll wait did you do it go ahead hit the like button too and we're going to attach this guide just by screwing it on and the kit comes with three different size bits and i'm going to use this middle size one here seems to fit my chain pretty well so if you look on this attachment there's actually a couple markings here and they're both marked at 30 degrees this is what we're going to use to line up the chain to sharpen it and if you're not familiar with the chainsaw chain it actually has teeth on both sides of the blade one on this side actually is angled this way and the other side is this way so you'll line up this line on the attachment with the bar of the chainsaw and that will give you the correct angle of cut and when you move to the next tooth you'll flip that around and go line up the other mark with the bar of the chainsaw so that'll give you the correct cut there now to start this i want to mark one of these so i know where where to end and i got a paint marker here i'll just put a little bit of paint on it and we'll get started i like to turn the dremel on to about a medium speed and then just get in here and line it up and start grinding [Music] so [Music] so [Music] so if you look right in here you'll see where that chain was actually sharpened right in here [Music] well i hope you enjoyed this video and hopefully maybe you're not confused about how to sharpen a chainsaw blade you probably are that's okay well thanks for watching we'll see you next time so a while back i said in one of my videos i think it was my second video that i ever did i said i'd shave my beard at 250 subscribers well we're almost there so if you haven't done so yet hit that subscribe button down below go ahead and hit that like button and by the next video i'm guessing i'll be beardless great just in time for winter [Music] you