How To Rekey a Door Lock

Sep 24, 2021 | Home & Shop Improvement

I show you how to rekey a door lock. This lock is a Kwikset door lock, but most home door locks are similar.

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Video Transcript

[Music] so today i'm going to show you how to re-key a doorknob lock and for this you will need a re-keying kit this one happens to be a prime line kit i got off of amazon there are 13 or 14 dollars and then you need to buy the one that is specific to your lock so this is a quick set lock and this kit gives you the new pins you need to re-key it this follower a removal tool tweezers and of course a set of new keys this one came with three new keys and for the door knob re-keying i suggest using a screwdriver to do it so here's the door knob off of the door once you get it off you'll have this part with the lock in it and we need to remove this spindle in the center here so the way i do that is to uh twist the spindle so that this little square lines up here it's kind of you're kind of centering it there okay so once that is centered there you can go ahead and remove this so to remove it you can take this screwdriver or even i've seen it done with the tool also anything you can fit in here so once you get that screwdriver in there you can twist it and that will release the spindle there so now that's free so now you need to be able to push this lock cylinder or this housing out of the knob and to do that you'll take this side of the tool and you'll have to wedge it down in there there's some spring metal and stuff in there that you have to get past once you get past that though and that's in there you can actually push this housing out so now we need to get the cylinder out of the housing and for that uh you'll use this side of the tool again and there's a little clip on the end of that lock you can see that little black clip there you need to take this tool and push that off so now it's released and i can actually just pull that pin or that clip right out of there and you want to be careful here you don't want the cylinder to fall out so i just hold on to it make sure it doesn't fall out then you need the original key to do this i have here and just insert it into the barrel and then you want to take this follower and get that on the end of the of the barrel okay and then you want to keep some pressure on the end of this as you're doing this but you'll turn the key i turn it 45 degrees and push this follower in keeping pressure on both sides now the barrel is out and you'll see in here here's the little pins that we need to to re to redo so now we'll just dump these pins if they'll come out there we go so there's the old pins and here's the new pins now the kit comes with in it different colored pens and it tells you which ones go where so now it's just a matter of getting these pins into the correct holes on this barrel and i have them laid out in order already it can be a little difficult to work with now when i insert this key all of these little pins should line up flush with the top of this barrel and you see it certainly does so now we need to reverse the operation and so with this plug follower here you want to keep constant pressure on this on both sides so that you don't end up breaking the lock if you do that you have there's a whole procedure you have to take off the top here and there's a bunch of springs and stuff so it's best just to get this and keep keep pressure on both sides so the lock is turned 45 degrees and i'm just going to push this back in okay now you don't want this barrel to come out again so before it does you want to get this clip back on here and actually before that you'll need to turn the key upright there we go and then now i can get this clip back on here so now that the clip's back on you can the barrel will not come out and now this lock is rekeyed so now i just got to reverse all of those steps putting the housing back into the knob now you'll have you may have to check the configuration in your door to see which way this goes but i know on this one that this is the top of the knob and that's how i'm going to position this lock okay so now you can put your spindle in back in the way it came out there we go there that all works just put that back in the door and you have a new lock well i hope you've enjoyed this episode of workshop and home we'll see you next time [Music] you