How to Clean Impact Wrench – Air Tool Maintenance

Jan 23, 2021 | Everything Else

I’m cleaning my cheap impact wrench and I will show you how. Air tool maintenance is important, and I’ve put this off for too long.
The impact wrench was filthy after 10 years of use and didn’t always work all the time. Now it’s rejuvenated and working great!
We also get to see the inner workings of an impact wrench while cleaning it.

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▶ Central Pneumatic 1/2 in. Impact Wrench:
▶ Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Big Bore Air Compressor:

What I’m using now instead:
▶ Milwaukee Fuel 1/2 in. Impact Wrench:


Video Transcript

hey welcome back to workshop and home i've got this impact gun that's a little low on power and i'm going to see if i can clean it up and fix it so i bought this impact gun probably about 10 years ago and it's a cheapie from harbor freight and it's not the most powerful thing and i don't have the best air compressor but you know it helps me get lugs off the wheels and all that when i'm working on the cars so it's down a little bit on power and i think it needs to probably be cleaned up so i'm going to take it apart and see if we can't clean it and we'll just break these open and i've never had this apart and i really don't want to go and spend a bunch of money on a new one so hopefully we can get this cleaned up and working a little better right now what happens sometimes is it doesn't always engage it just kind of blows air out open that and see what we got in here i'm definitely not real familiar with how these work internally so we're just gonna take it apart and see what we got here and she's definitely very greasy and oily inside so i would imagine that would have something to do with it not running real well oh there we go okay definitely oily in there you can see [Music] that i guess you want you know you want some oil in these but not too much or they'll kind of bind up i'll go ahead and got some brake cleaner here see if we can't clean this up a bit definitely a lot of grime on this part old 10 years worth of oil in there some dirt i can see the machining on this wasn't done very well either but it was a cheapie i think these things are 20 or 25 dollars at harbor freight so not quite sure what's on this other than maybe the gasket material and i don't think that'll really matter too much there's just some kind of gunk on there now whether we can get this back together or not with uh hannah working has another question and let's see here maybe we'll try to stick that down in there first there we go okay and the sky goes on okay there we go let's put back together and see if it works [Music] there you go that's already a lot better well it looks like i was able to rejuvenate this impact gun and my philosophy is if it's not broke fix it until it is broke luckily i was able to salvage this one and it works pretty well now well thanks for watching this episode of workshop and home i hope you've enjoyed the video and if you wouldn't mind just hit that little subscribe button down below and we'll see you next time you