How to Build a Raised Garden Bed For Beginners Pt. 2

May 4, 2021 | Everything Else

I show you how to build a raised garden bed for beginners. In part 2, I build the top of the raised garden bed. This simple 4×8 raised bed features a side rail and a hardware cloth bottom to keep the digging critters out.

I want to show you how to build a raised garden bed for beginners, so you can grow your own lush organic veggies. To do this we’re going to take a look at what materials you need and how you can put them together. I’m going to show you the best way I’ve found over the years and it’s very simple.


Video Transcript

[Music] this is part two of the raised garden bed project and today i'm going to get the top of it on and this is going to be kind of like a hoop house only with netting on top and let's get to it so i'm going to build this top frame for this bed out of this two by two and what's going to happen is we'll build this and then i'll hinge it on one side so that once we have a top on it then we can lift it up easily okay like i said i'm going to use these pocket hole screws and it's not really necessary honestly uh if i didn't have the pocket hole you know jig i think i'd probably just do some bracing here and i think that would be just fine but since i have it i'm going to use it so [Music] so off camera i pre-drilled these half inch pvc caps there to accept a screw and what i'm going to do is screw these down to the frame and then build some hoops out of the pvc pipe well i messed up i shouldn't have put that uh those caps on yet because i want to do a finish on here and the finish i want to try is shoshugi bond and those things will melt right off if i do that so i'll take those back off and then i'll start doing this finish on here and by the way i picked up this torch from harbor freight and in harbor freight fashion the starter doesn't work so old-fashioned lighter it is back [Music] so i got the finish on this so now it's time to put the hoops on i'm going to do that right now and before i bend this and put it in place i'm actually going to take these three quarter inch tees and throw them over the top and i'll show you those are going to be for our cross support but go ahead and get those on now let's see if we can bend this thing [Laughter] there we go the first one down got two more to go [Music] so originally i was going to do three supports you know cross supports but i think one will be enough just at the top to hold the netting up so i took the t's and the other tee off here so now i just need to measure between here and here and the next one and get our cross beam in you so i've got this pretty much leveled out but before i get the top on i want to get all my dirt in it make it a little easier and for the first course i'm actually going to use a couple of bags of topsoil and some compost and this is chick manure and wood chips this stuff's heavy let me tell you all right so now that i got all the dirt in it's time for me to attach this top with the hinges so well this is a pretty inexpensive way to build a raised garden bed that will be protected on the bottom and the top especially considering two by fours or eight dollars anyway i hope you enjoyed this video and we'll see you next time [Music] you