How to Build a Raised Garden Bed For Beginners Pt. 1

Apr 5, 2021 | Everything Else

I show you how to build a raised garden bed for beginners. In part 1, I build the base of the raised garden bed. This simple 4×8 raised bed features a side rail and a hardware cloth bottom to keep the digging critters out.

I want to show you how to build a raised garden bed for beginners, so you can grow your own lush organic veggies. To do this we’re going to take a look at what materials you need and how you can put them together. I’m going to show you the best way I’ve found over the years and it’s very simple.


Video Transcript

[Music] welcome to workshop and home today i'm going to be building a simple raised bed for my vegetable garden so i went down last night and bought all the stuff i need to build my raised garden bed i got some two by tens and some two by fours and some two by twos and i'm going to build this pretty simply for the bed but i also want to put a top on it that has some netting around it to keep some of the birds and squirrels out so so this raised bed is going to be four feet wide by eight feet long and the first step is going to be cutting down the eight foot side okay i'm going to get set up here to make the first cut these are going to be eight feet long so [Music] all right now the side pieces are going to be 4 feet 48 3 that's 45 inches i need to make these there we go so the idea i have here is to butt these together and screw them in place and then the two by fours will come across the top and create a nice little ledge unfortunately this board is bowed pretty bad so what i'm going to have to do is lay it down and put this get this piece attached first so that i can maybe stand on this while i screw it in and try to straighten it out a little bit so after putting that front piece on i think the next best course of action is to actually get the back one on too and then what i'll do is i'll flip it over and then go ahead and square up the side pieces and screw them in that way that might be a lot easier so uh all right i got these flipped over now so it's upside down and we can uh i'll go ahead and square off these corners and get everything screwed together so well so much for that drill bit so i went ahead and cut some of these two by twos down i'm going to use them here in the corners for a little bit of added support that should make our corners pretty nice and strong well it's day two and i'm almost finished with the bottom of this thing but before i get it flipped over i actually want to put this hardware cloth on the bottom to keep some of the pests out so i'm going to put this hardware cloth on the bottom hopefully this will keep the gophers out of the garden and i don't have a width wide enough for this thanks i'm going to have to double it up and what i'll do i'll put one on one side and one on the other and then i'll clip them in with some hog rings in the middle and that should do just fine and fasten this down i'm actually going to use some roofing nails these work pretty good and holding the stuff down so all right now it's time to flip it over this thing's going to be really heavy and i would suggest if you do build one of these and you don't have a way to move it to your garden it's best to build it outside all right the next step on this bottom box or the last step is to put these side rails on so all right so there we have a nice little raised planter raised bed and it's got the hardware cloth bottom on it to hopefully keep the digging critters out and on the next video i'm going to put a top on this to keep the other critters out thanks for watching see you next time you