Forget the Dryer, This is How I Dry Clothes Now!

Aug 1, 2022 | Everything Else

If you’re looking for the best way to dry clothes without a dryer, look no further! In this video, I show you how I built an inexpensive clothesline out of materials I had laying around.

This video is about how to build a clothesline and the best way to dry clothes without a dryer. It’s a great way to save money on your electric bill or gas bill!


Video Transcript

hey everybody welcome back today i'm going to show you how i built this clothesline [Music] so to make this clothesline i'm going to use this 5 gallon bucket i had with some concrete this 4x4 post i had this thing's really bendy both ways but i'm going to try using it just because it's laying around and these things are not cheap and then i bought some clothesline and some new eye hooks and then i had some one by twos laying around that i'll use so let's get started so i'm gonna get this bendy 4x4 as straight as i can but uh you know it's just scrap this whole project costs less than 20 dollars and it'll get us by at least this summer uh so there that's perfect dish so if you've never set a fence post before this is basically the process without the bucket of course and all you're doing is checking the for plumb on both sides and then you just brace it and that'll hold long enough for the concrete to dry i don't know where you live but where i live it's about 150 degrees today and what would really help me is if you hit that like button down there it won't cool me off but it'll help the video i got this 60 pound bag of concrete here i'm gonna pour a little bit of thyme in the bucket it won't fill this bucket all the way up and just add a little water at a time i may mix a little as i go but this should be good enough for this job here [Applause] so so got me a mixer [Laughter] foreign what i'm doing here is filling this up and just letting the water kind of sink down into the bucket there we may get a little too much but that's okay for this project anyway so good news the concrete is set up enough that i can start working on the top of this and it's about 20 degrees hotter than it was earlier so we're good to go so for the top part of this i've drilled a quarter inch hole in these one by twos on each end and i'm just going to level these on this bendy 4x4 and we should be able to do what we need to do here so [Music] so so so all right now i just need to put this clothesline on string it through great so you can see at the end here i'm going to take this and just knot one side of it something like that'll work for this side i'll cut it a little long and to finish this off i'm going to use these hog rings so i can get it kind of tight and [Music] that should work just fine uh there we go and we'll just cut the rest of this off well some may ask why i actually made this and you know it doesn't look all that great it's got a bendy 4x4 and some scrap wood but that was the point i didn't want to spend a whole lot of money especially right now on you know buying a nice clothesline so you know i took what i had already and spent about twenty dollars on the stuff i needed and uh you know it'll work for a couple of seasons so that's kind of why i did it and it came out pretty good and it'll do what it's supposed to do so that's it for today i hope you enjoyed this video and we'll see you next time [Music]