Don’t Get Robbed! Easiest Way to Rekey a Deadbolt Lock! (Step by Step)

Oct 6, 2021 | Home & Shop Improvement

I show you how to rekey a deadbolt. This lock is a Kwikset deadbolt lock, but most home deadbolt locks are similar.

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▶ ReKey kit for Kwikset:
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Video Transcript

[Music] today i'm going to show you how to re-key a deadbolt lock now the first thing you're going to want to get is a re-keying kit this one i have is from prime line i bought it on amazon it's about thirteen or fourteen dollars and this specific lock is a quick set so you got to get the kit specific to your lock now in this kit they give you tweezers a removal tool the pins you need for up to six different locks and this follower and also three replacement keys so this is my deadbolt like i said it's a quick set pretty simple so once you remove this from the door it comes apart pretty easy and you have to get this barrel out of this housing so in order to do that um you're going to have to remove this there's a clip on the back of this deadbolt it's a little black clip and this tool will help you push that off okay so now it's released and i can just pull this pin off of here there we go let's see there you go now once you have that off you're going to need to have the original key there and then you're going to use this follower to keep the top pins in place there they are spring loaded and they're in here and they'll fall out if you just pull this barrel out so i want to do here is turn the key 45 degrees stick this follower on the back of the barrel and you want to keep tension on both sides of this so that you make sure you get under all of those top pins so we're just going to push this barrel out [Laughter] push this barrel out and keep the top pins in place now i have this barrel out and you can if you look closely here and see these pins in here and that's what we're going to replace so we're just going to put those out now for this particular lock or this particular re-key kit it has color-coded pins and so we know the order that they go into so now all we need to do is put these pins into the barrel so here i have my pins lined out into the order they go and we're just going to pop these into the barrel sometimes this can be a little bit tricky with the tweezers often i just like to use my fingers now when we put the replacement key in you'll see these pins will move and then they sit flush here allowing the key to turn so now that those pins are in we can go ahead and reassemble the lock so here's my housing and i'm going to take this barrel and i'm going to make sure it's 45 degrees from the top and i'm going to just reverse the process here keeping tension on both sides the barrel and the follower and just push this barrel right back in so now you can take the key and put it back upright and then make sure this barrel doesn't fall out and we can replace the parts now and put this clip back on here okay clicked into place so now this barrel is safely locked in here you can turn this around and you can pull the key out and then the locks re-keyed so now we just put the deadbolt back together and we're done thanks for watching workshop and home we'll see you next time [Music]