DIY Lawn Mower Maintenance on my Craftsman Lawn Tractor

Mar 12, 2021 | Everything Else

This video shows you how to do some basic maintenance on your lawn mower. I’m doing this DIY lawn mower maintenance on my Craftsman Lawn Tractor, which is a riding mower. You don’t need any special tools for the job, and it’ll only take about 10-15 minutes to complete! I perform DIY lawn mower maintenance on my Craftsman lawn tractor. I change the oil, fuel filter, and air filter on the Kohler engine. I also check the spark plugs and air up the tires.

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Video Transcript

well spring's almost here so that means one thing allergies i'm chris and this is workshop and home [Music] i'm going to do some basic maintenance on this lawn tractor i'll change the oil fuel filter air filter maybe even put some air in the tires and maybe clean it up a little bit i should have done this last year before winter but it got cold and i got kind of lazy so now is a good time since it's nearly time to mow the lawn so i'm going to change the oil on this first and as you can see here this is the oil drain plug and it's hard to see past this tie rod right there and no matter what you do this is a makes a huge mess so first thing i gotta do is get some cardboard under it so [Music] i think i'll try out this hose this got a quick release drain plug on here and there's not a really easy way to do this i'll try this out of course my hose isn't that long so i'll have to sit here and hold it if you wouldn't mind hit that little subscribe button down below it won't cost nothing also don't forget to hit that like button down below well that took forever in three days so now i got the oil all drained out and the really messy part of this is getting the filter out so i'll go ahead and get that off there it comes i don't know why they made the thread so long on this thing there we go and now i got this big ol mess down here all right so i got this kohler oil filter and this is a kohler engine and they want you to pre-fill this filter but i don't see how you can pre-fill it and turn it sideways and screw it on without making a mess so i'm not going to do that i'll take some motor oil and just lube up this o-ring on the filter okay you don't want to over tighten these just another half a turn after it sits on there i'll clean this up a little more and then i'll fill it up all right that's about two quarts it's a little less than two quarts but we'll check it and fill it if we need to yep that looks good so on to the next thing and while i'm down here i want to change this fuel filter it's been on there a couple years so it's about time to change that so there we go okay there we go fuel filter installed next item now the next thing i'm going to tackle is the air filter which is under here and this has never been changed in its 2-year history either and i know it's fairly dirty and you can see pre-filter is pretty dirty the air filter doesn't look too bad but it's been a couple years so might as well change it here's the new filter and also the new pre-filter i'll just throw that on there okay while i'm in here i'm going to clean this out a little bit a little bit of grass in there a little bit of oil not surprising stick that back on there [Music] now that job's done now what i'm gonna do next is actually check the spark plug again i haven't had this out either for since i bought it i just want to check it out if i can get the boot off um there we go i'll tell you what does everything just have to be hard there we go so look in here this is this spark plug is a little bit carbon fouled but i think it looks okay and i'm just gonna wire brush it a little bit get it cleaned off and i think it should just be should be just fine yeah cleans up pretty good okay now the next spark plug there's two in this machine and we got some more of that carbon fouling so i'll go ahead and clean that up well i hope this video was somewhat educational or informational or whatever entertainment thanks for watching workshop and home we'll see you next time [Music] you