DIY Lawn Mower Maintenance: Blade Replacement

Jun 28, 2022 | Everything Else

In this video, we’ll show you how to replace your lawn mower blade! This is a simple and easy job that you can do yourself, so make sure to watch the video to learn how!

Lawn mower blades are a key part of your lawn mower, and they need to be replaced every few months to keep your lawn mower running efficiently. In this video, I’ll show you how to replace your lawn mower blade using simple and easy steps that you can follow at home. So make sure to watch the video and learn how to replace your lawn mower blade in a simple and easy way!

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Video Transcript

hey everyone welcome back to workshop and home today i'm going to replace the blades on this lawnmower tractor yeah lawn tractor that sounds good in the three years i've owned this lawnmower i've run over pine cones rocks gravel the occasional branch or two and i've sharpened the blade one time so what i'm trying to say is i've taken really good care of the blades on this so i figure why not i've got a couple of new blades let's just put them on the first thing i got to do is get this mowing deck off and i've got this marginally cleaner blanket than the floor so we should be good oh i need some tools oh yeah all right there we go oh probably had to drop this down first dropped okay what do we do now i don't even know i think these come off [Music] [Applause] [Music] so these are little clips that hold on the deck whoever invented these i don't like you here's one of these clips in this really conveniently placed location here there it goes i'm sure that's lost now [Music] all right we'll get this flipped over and see what we're working with here oh yeah those are real nice i'm surprised those cut grass at all all right well let's get to it all right now then i got this off we can go ahead and pull these blades off of here i think i'll throw some gloves on for this one [Applause] and i'm just gonna wedge this two by four right here should be good let's see oh yeah do you even need the 2x4 oh yeah looks like it let's see here about here there we go perfect yeah those are pretty beat up they're running all over those branches and rocks probably not real good for them let's take a look you can kind of see here where it doesn't look too good [Applause] it could probably be sharpened but like i said i've sharpened them once and they've been on here three years so time for some new ones i've got updates i bought these new blades off of amazon and believe it or not actually the exact same size it's a miracle well let's see if we can get these on the wrong way i have to do it over again clean that up real good oh there oh these have pretty good reviews on amazon so i'll throw a link in the description down below there they got different sizes and they even tell you which direction they go this one says grass side lawn razor give it a shave all right that on there yeah give it some give it the business here oh yeah probably pretty good all right i just got to put it back on yeah just sitting here looking at these blades that spin around at really high velocity and maybe ought to throw a torque wrench on these things sure enough the book says 70 to 90 foot pounds so 80 should do it oh yeah yeah it was already there and since we're here let's just line them up yeah that looks good oh this thing's heavy i might as well check all the other stuff while i'm here yep check help that looks good perfect oh yeah there we go [Music] [Applause] so [Music] i think we got it all on there right i guess we better test it out see if make sure the blades don't fly off of it well seems like everything went back together well and got the new blades on tested it out and seems to be working okay so time to go test it on the lawn that's it for workshop and home we'll see you next time no it won't start [Music] [Music] foreign