🔥DIY Budget Fireplace Makeover – Part 2: Mantel Build

Apr 8, 2022 | Home & Shop Improvement

I work on my DIY budget fireplace makeover. Day 2 is mantel construction and paint day or the makeover. I constructed a mantel from poplar and crown molding. Also, I paint the mantel and shiplap.

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your living room on a budget, this video is for you. I’m going to show you how to transform your old and outdated brick fireplace into this beautiful elegant DIY painted wood one. With just a few tools and materials, you’ll have the perfect focal point for your living room in no time at all!

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Video Transcript

[Music] hey everyone welcome back to workshop and home today is day two of the fireplace remodel project and i'm going to be fitting the mantel and doing the final painting so before we can get this framing up for the shiplap i got to get the mantel in place because the framing is actually going to sit on top of it and we need to glue these strips down to the the brick so that i have something to mount the mantle to well that's enough talking about it let's get started so the way i'm going to place a mantle on top of this brick is i'm going to shim it up here and i'm actually going to glue these strips with some liquid nails to the fireplace itself and then i'll put the mantel on top of that and nail into those and the mantel is also going to get some crown molding around the edge that kind of goes down the brick here and then we'll frame in this hole first and then i'm going to put some two by fours on the flat here so that we have a nice spot to mount our ship lab [Music] [Applause] so let's go so now put a little extra epoxy in the middle here because i know there's a sag in this brick i don't think we're going to have to shim the mantel but should work out okay all right we'll wait for that to dry and then set the mantle so i placed this mantel on top of there liquid nails still isn't totally dry but that's okay uh i took this crown molding that we're going to put here and i scribed the line along the bottom and the sides so i can actually assemble this crown in the shop now if you notice the top of this has a weird color to it this is poplar and you may or may not be able to see that but i actually use bondo to fill in the low spots on here and that worked out pretty good so now i'm going to take this piece back out to the shop attach the crown molding and come back and test fit it okay everything's dried up i got my crown molding all glued up all the miters glued i didn't show that because that's just a whole other topic that i didn't want to get into because it's quite difficult to cut those for the corners i used some ca glue and that works really well to hold these now i'm going to nail this to the bottom and then get it ready for paint so we got that up on the mantel now now it's time to get it ready for paint so i'm out here in my shop now and i got this prepared for paint so i'm going to go ahead and put a coat of primer on it [Music] so [Music] so while i'm waiting for the mantle to dry i got some other painting to do including the shiplap which is pre-painted uh but i'm gonna use this liquid d-glosser on it and uh that should make it ready for paint i probably will put a coat of primer on this a light coat anyway i've got about i've got exactly 10 of these to do and i've got some crown molding and some other moldings [Music] well it's the next day and all this primer is dried so i'm going to go ahead and put the paint color on we've got this benjamin moore paint it's called vandusen blue and i'll show it to you here [Music] this is what the color is here i'm going to use this thing i've had this thing for years i believe it was called a paint mate this thing is a game changer it'll mix the paint for you and it also has this spout that you can pour the paint it makes painting a lot more enjoyable when you don't have to clean the side of the can or you know just general cleanup you can leave this on for quite a long time without the paint drying up and this one's well used but i'll put a link down in the description below so you can check it out this is what i really like about this thing not a drop perfect [Music] so [Music] well that's it for this video i got a first coat of paint on everything i just got to go back and put a second coat on and in the next video we're going to put everything together so until then we'll see you next time [Music] [Music] you