Crafting Christmas Magic: DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Tutorial

Dec 22, 2023 | Decorative

Transform your holiday decor with this DIY Wooden Christmas Tree tutorial! In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to create stunning and unique wooden Christmas trees that will add a rustic charm to your home this festive season.

Grab your tools and join me on this creative journey as I craft beautiful Wooden Christmas Trees from scratch. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, this project is perfect for all skill levels.

Get ready to unleash your inner carpenter and spread the holiday cheer with these charming Wooden Christmas Trees! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these handmade decorations will surely become a festive focal point in your home.

If you love crafting and spreading holiday joy, give this video a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family. ‘Tis the season for creativity, so let’s make this Christmas extra special with our handmade Wooden Christmas Trees!

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Video Transcript

hey everyone welcome back to the channel it's Christmas time now I'm off of work and I wanted to get out into the shop and do something so I thought what better to make than some Christmas trees so that's what I'm going to do and I'm going to show you how I did it so I'm here at my miter saw you can do this by hand with a miter box also it wouldn't be too difficult but for the first cut we want the tree top and I'm going to set my saw to 40 5° for that and the reason for that is if you cut this 1 by two at a shallower angle you won't get a triangle with equal sides I don't know what you call that I don't remember geometry that well so and I just want to cut it on the edge there's our tree top now I want to set my saw to 30° you you could still use a 45° angle but you're going to get a tree that is a little fatter and what I'm going for is a skinnier tree so we'll set this saw to 30° we'll cut off this excess here now for this next cut I want the top of this tree to overhang the next section and I'm going to give it about a half an inch overlap now very important here to get the correct angle we just need to flip this board over and that'll give us what we need and then I can just measure this distance it doesn't have to be super accurate it's just a little decoration we go that's pretty good we'll cut this piece what you can see is the tree is starting to take shape and the tree size is really just dependent on how many of these you cut you can go 8 ft tall if you wanted to uh for this tree I'm just going to make it a average medium size so now we just want to go flip this board again and do that same measurement I'm doing a half2 inch overhang and you can set it set that to whatever you want little bit there we go [Music] now do it again we just flip the board put this here and make our measurements half inch overhang on each side [Music] you can see the tree starting to take shape here and I think I'll cut one more all right we'll go over to workbench and get these glued up so I got pieces cut out for two trees here one bigger one smaller now you can use wood glue to put these together the problem is going to be in clamping this you may be able to get a clamp over this lightly to get a good bond between the pieces but what I'm going to use is some CA glue I bought this online and it comes with an accelerator also I'll put a link to it in the description down below so you can check it out I prefer this on you know decorative projects like this because we really don't need a awesome glue joint to keep these together and the CA glue will do just fine and it's instant is I'm just going to go ahead and apply the glue just a little bit and won't take a lot across the top there and for the next piece I'm going to apply the accelerator to that doesn't take too much and then this is an instant bond so we have to get it right where we want it and I'm just eyeballing the distance there we go and that's a good Bond already and I'll just keep doing that all the way to the top there we go and there we go you got to be really careful not to get this on your hands either it will glue your fingers to things so just a warning all right I got a couple of colors of acrylic paint a dark green and and a holiday green and I also got some titanium white and we may put some snowflakes or something on there we'll see how that goes but we'll get our dark base coat on and I'm not going to be real scientific about this just get some paint spread on here for that's there that looks pretty good now I'll just take some of this light green maybe and I'm just going to take some of this and of lightly highlight the edge of the Dust a little too much that's okay got a little glue here but I don't think that'll matter much and there we go those look pretty good now if you wanted to I guess you could dot on some ornaments as well if you wanted to go that route I was thinking a little bit of snow and maybe if we can just flick the paint on maybe that'll look like snow let's try it out will it work oh yeah there we go this I'm just dipping my brush in the white giving it some specks there's what we end up with it's always good to get out in your shop and do something and this was a fun little Christmas project and it didn't cost a whole lot it's a 1 by two piece of wood and a little bit of paint that you probably have laying around already but uh they came out pretty decent I'm no artist but they look pretty good so I hope you enjoyed this short video and I hope it inspired you to get out and make something and if you wouldn't mind just like And subscribe to the channel and have a Merry Christmas