Change the Look of Your Bathroom in 3 Easy Steps – How To Spray Paint a Towel Bar

Dec 12, 2021 | Home & Shop Improvement

I spray paint a towel bar for my bathroom to match my drawer pulls. This is a simple and cost-effective way to change the look of your bathroom hardware at a fraction of the cost of a new towel bar. I am cheap, so remodeling a bathroom on a budget, which includes painting the towel bars, is for me. But, it doesn’t have to look cheap with the right techniques.

The first step is to clean the towel bar with acetone. Then prime and paint.

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β–Ά Liquid Sander Deglosser:
β–Ά Rust-Oleum Self Etching Primer:
β–Ά Rust-Oleum Universal Bonding Primer:
β–Ά Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel:

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Video Transcript

hello and welcome to workshop and home today i'm going to attempt to paint this towel holder [Music] so i have this old bathroom towel holder and i recently put some drawer pulls in the bathroom and i'd like the color to be more close to this now this towel holder has seen much better days but i'm kind of cheap and i thought hey why not just try painting it so with that said let's get started so i have all the pieces taken apart and what i want to do here is prep this for paint so i'm going to start with some acetone to get all of the grease and dirt off of it and then i'm actually going to use this liquid de-glosser sometimes it's called liquid sandpaper and i'm going to try that on here to see if we can get a good adhesion with the paint and then i'm going to use this self-etching primer and that should stick to this pretty well i'll follow that up with a normal primer and then i've got this gold paint and i'll follow that up with a clear enamel just to protect it so i'll clean all the parts with the acetone and i've got this cardboard laid here just to keep to keep it off this this workbench is not the cleanest okay now those are wiped off i will go to the gloucester so okay that's all rubbed on there so now i think i'll take a dry towel and just wipe off any excess yeah i can already feel that finish is a lot different than it was when when i started here okay so to prime and paint these i set up this string here for the bar so i could turn it and not have to wait for one side to dry and then for these pieces that attach to these here i want to just tape off these threads so that they don't get painted so with this you just want a light dusting and we'll go over it a couple of times but i just want a light coat on there one thing i didn't think about is how to hold these up there that'll do it all right we'll let that dry for a minute then go over it one more time okay it's been a couple of minutes and this looks like it's dried off pretty good so we'll go ahead and put the second coat of this on so it's been about 10 or 15 minutes been letting these dry and now i'm going to put on this regular bonding primer this is probably not a necessary step but it just makes me feel better so i'm gonna do it this one i'm going to do the same with a couple of light coats [Applause] and it's been cold here so i've been trying to get this paint warmed up and hopefully it'll do what it's supposed to do okay we'll let that dry up for a few minutes and then we'll hit it again all right it's been a few minutes and this is flash dried so we'll hit it with another coat that all looks really good so we'll let that dry and then we'll hit it with paint okay this is all nice and dried up now so i think it's good enough to put the top coat on it and i got this bright gold metallic we'll see how that turns out and again i'm just dusting this on i anticipate you know two or three coats of this and we'll wait for that to dry a little bit and hit it with another coat all right this has been drying for about 15 minutes so it's a time for the next coat hopefully i can get it all in this coat all right that's been drying for a while so i'm going to go ahead and put this clear coat on hopefully this will just keep keep this looking good i'm pretty happy with the end result here i think it looks pretty good it looks a whole lot better than it did before you know if you want to do something like this it's not all that difficult you know the key is in the prep and taking your time with the paint i did get one little run but you know i can live with that i don't think it'll be seen very much and yeah it came out pretty nice so let's go ahead and take a look at the final product [Music] well i hope you enjoyed this video and if you wouldn't mind hit that like button down below and also subscribe to the channel if you haven't already thanks for watching i'll see you next time [Music] you