Brighten Up Your Garage or Workshop with LED Shop Lights

Jan 13, 2021 | Home & Shop Improvement

I picked up these LED lights for my workshop. You can use these LED lights for shop lighting or garage lighting. They are 100 watts each and put out a huge amount of light. Just two of them light up my 1200 square foot shop. I’ve since added 4 more of the bulbs, and it’s like daylight inside.

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Video Transcript

i got a lot of light [Music] so i got these spaceship lights off of amazon there's two of them in this package and there are 12 000 lumens each and my shop's about 1200 square feet so i'm hoping that on the main part of the shop that it'll light it up pretty well for me so here's a bunch of leds inside of here and the reason i got these is because they fit into a standard socket and i didn't want to have to run you know new lighting especially since uh it's 17 feet in the air and i really don't care for heights so these can be plugged into the normal socket that's already there and they can kind of be adjusted so that they shoot out a little bit i'm not sure how i will adjust those yet but we will see here's the main part of my shop and you can see it's not lit up all that well especially at night i have you know a bunch of windows on the front and back doors but um and those do okay during the day but at night it's just there's a lot of shadows let's go ahead and get these lights [Music] installed [Music] so [Music] as you can see earlier the ladder i have wouldn't allow me to reach the light bulb safely in this configuration and to put it into the extension configuration and me to lift it up by myself was just a little too much so i rigged up this these broomsticks one's a broomstick and one is a a paint roller extension i just kind of welded those together with some duct tape and the other side i this the that's the way i had it to put up the new bulbs and then i kind of cut these to take out the old bulbs i did break one of the old bulbs coming out but that's okay as a guy gets older like me you know it gets a little difficult to see in the dark and i've been having a lot of trouble actually reading a tape measure or you know just doing some some things on the workbench and these seem to work pretty well and if they hold up over the next couple months i think i'll probably buy two more packs that'd be four more lights and that'll really soak this space in light so that about wraps it up we got the spaceship lights up and uh we'll see how they do you know i'm just starting out on youtube and i'd really love it if you guys would like this video or subscribe to it or share it with your friends my wife's gonna be so mad at me for taking that broom apart [Music] you