Agri-Fab Tine De-thatcher Assembly – Her name is Margaret

Jul 22, 2021 | Everything Else

I assemble the 40″ Agri-Fab Tine De-thatcher. Assembly didn’t take long and the best part is Margaret de-thatches the lawn which allows room for new grass to grow. The Agri-Fab De-thatcher assembly was so easy, even I could do it.

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▶ Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Dethatcher:


Video Transcript

hey welcome to workshop and home today i'm going to build this dethatcher and as you might have guessed it [Music] dethatches i'll put this thing together here we've got this main piece got a bunch of tines cut through the grass some brackets we got this really cool hockey stick and we got some instructions see what those say oh didn't know that the first piece is this one hard to mess it up because it only goes in one spot but it's that bracket right there oh i'm gonna need some tools if you're curious all i'm doing is bolting this plate down with some nuts on the mat these are nylon locking nuts and maybe we could do this a little faster well that was loud and annoying all right the next step is these doodads and go something like that i think yeah it looks like the picture all right this is gonna be interesting yeah that's never gonna be straight all right there we go that looks somewhat decent-ish i guess so i'll get you guys in here to show you what i'm doing taking this tine and then sticking it in those little tabs there and then bending those tabs by wedging a screwdriver in there and that seems to work pretty good just gotta be careful not to get your hands stuck on there and fit this handle in here that should connect up to this axle here bracket whatever you call it so so i got this dethatcher put together and on the back of my mower i like to call her margaret so we'll take margaret out and give her a shot [Music] [Applause] [Music] well there you go that should rip out the old grass and the new well i hope you've enjoyed this episode we'll see you next time [Music]