5th Gen RAM 1500 Passive Entry Install

Feb 24, 2022 | Automotive

I show how I install passive entry in my 2019 5th Gen RAM 1500. Passive entry should have been on this truck from the factory. But, this is remedied with self-installation.

Passive entry thread at 5thgenrams.com: https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/adding-passive-entry-how-to.22274/

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Video Transcript

hey everyone welcome to workshop and home today i'm gonna put passive entry on this 2019 ram 1500 actually just the trucks dirty and i'm just gonna replace parts until it's clean again [Music] so my truck is a big horn addition and one of the biggest complaints i see online and i agree with it doesn't come with passive entry that's where you can open the door without taking the key out of your pocket which would make sense since it's a push button start my wife and i have a jeep grand cherokee that does have passive entry on it and now it's got me spoiled and so we're doing this today so i got all the parts i need to make this happen and i got the parts list and the instructions from the 5th gen rams forum i'll put that link down in the description below so the first step in this is to get this door panel off it helps to have a trim tool and then there i guess there's some 10 millimeter bolts in here that we have to take off and i actually might need a small screwdriver just be careful with this it'll scratch pretty easy so so after getting this top trim piece out i can tell you this little clip here that's a pain to get out so just be careful go slow it'll come out know it's hard to see but this bottom panel where you pry it up from is really hard to get anything in there so i actually use this pick kind of a weird shaped pick i'm sure i picked this up from horrible freight so that worked so now you just need a 10 millimeter socket to get these three bolts out of here okay the next step in this is to get this door panel pulled out and this is kind of the cringe part because you got to pull on these clips fortunately on the side over here mine is actually coming out already so maybe actually kind of easy to get those clips out yep these just kind of pull out so there we go there all right that's uh looks like i just gotta pop this top piece back into place but it helps to have something to set this on there's a couple of things holding this up so one is the window connector window and door lock connector pull that out and the other is the door latch or the door handle that has to be taken out it helps to have helps to have something to set that on i'm using a five gallon bucket okay so now that that panel is off uh i think the next thing we want to do is get this mirror harness out of the way there's a couple little clips here and b and c looks like in that module and then there's some clips that hold this wire in i'm just using my trim tool to pull those out if you don't have a set of trim tools they're really good to have this one especially i use a lot now we got to get this window rolled down so i plugged the switch back in here and then there's these two little plugs here and when the window's down you can see the bolts to unbolt it it doesn't come all the way down but the switch is hard because it's auto up and down there we go and these are 10 millimeters also it doesn't look like we need to remove those completely just enough to slide the window up out of the way so now before we move on we've got to get this wiring harness connector out of the body side here and that's where we're gonna hook our new harness into okay now that i got that harness off and now after i fought with that harness for about a half an hour i got it out just take your time if you're doing this it'll come out and you know you probably won't break anything like i did so now we're gonna get the window up so i'm just grabbing some tape and i'm gonna tape this window up here all right now we got the window out of the way we can go ahead and remove these 10 millimeter bolts fish so i believe that's all of them and now we'll go ahead and get this outside part of the handle off here and there's a little t-25 screw in there you kind of need this long shank to get in there okay just have to get this out enough to release this cap and there's the cap off the handle there so now that the caps off we can grab this handle and slide it back and that will pop out just like that and we just want to remove these door latch screws and those are a t27 now since we took the door handle off there's a screw right here that's a t25 we want to loosen that we don't want to remove it just loosen it now back to this carrier plate assembly we should be able to remove this now what i failed to do first is to remove this grommet here with our wiring harness just gonna get in the way before you pull this out you actually have to push this wiring harness through the door [Applause] all right there it is okay and now i got these wiring harnesses for the doors and for the rear antenna i bought these from a member on the 5th gen rams forum very hard to see but there is a grommet here on this door and that's where these wires are going to feed through from the back side so i'm using this pick here to go through the grommet through the hole that's there already and i'm going to try to feed this wire through it first one's through get the second one in there there we go okay now that i got the wire routed uh how i want it i need to pin this connector and there's little tabs on the side that you can push out the top of the connector so that you can push a terminal into and the pin locations are in the forum post go ahead and tape these grommets back up so oh so okay um okay now that all the wires are routed it's time to get this carrier back into place and this is going to be fun there you uh so we'll get this mirror controls hooked back up too plug these window holes back up there we go all right i think we're ready to put the door handle on all right i got the door handle back on and now it's time to get the panel back on panel time so i so this for this panel that kind of broke off there i was able to plastic epoxy it here it actually worked pretty well so for the door panel you just got to get the [Music] door handle cable back on that should just snap right in get my bucket there we go now this cable for the window and the door locks needs to come through and then we'll fit this lock back in this slot now well we're gonna line up [Music] get our trim pieces back in there we go and then the window go up you downey and the door locks well i just got to do the driver side and then put the antenna in the back here's a tip to put the door panels back on they're a little tough to go in and these little clips that hold the panel on they like to break or they don't seat far enough anymore so it's a good idea to pick some of these up there's actually two different kinds one's a little bigger than the other but uh that'll save you a lot of headaches if i was gonna do this again and pull the panels off i'd actually just buy a full set of these and replace them all now i need to go under the bed and put the last piece in which is this antenna so i got everything hooked back up here the new wiring in here i got the antenna installed and then got the wiring run around here and zip tied to this other wiring and then back down to this plug over here so i've got everything wired in i just have the programming left to do and i'm not going to go into detail on that there's a lot of information out there on how to do programming on this until the next time this is workshop and home bye [Music] you