5th Gen RAM 1500 Bilstein 5100 Leveling Kit Install

Aug 25, 2021 | Automotive

Installing the Bilstein 5100 struts to the front of my 2019 5th Gen 1500. This 5th Gen RAM 1500 leveling kit is not so much a kit but a shock replacement for the front with the ability to raise the front height of the truck.

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▶ Bilstein 5100 Front Shocks: https://amzn.to/3XBdBPY
▶ Bilstein 5100 Rear Shocks: https://amzn.to/401DppT

This is a great option if you have a hard time finding Bilsteins.
If I were to do it over again, I would probably go with the Rough Country kit.

▶ Rough Country 3.5″ Lift Kit: https://amzn.to/3R333GO


Video Transcript

welcome to workshop and home today i'm going to put a leveling kit on my 2019 ram 1500. [Music] this is bilstein 5100s i'm going to use and you can see it here it has the circlips around here that allow us to change the how high these are going to sit also i'm pairing these with these upper control arms these are mopar upper control arms and these are actually from the mopar off-road kit i went with these because they're quite a bit cheaper than you know some of the fancy ones out there and i figure i don't do a whole lot of off-roading so i figured these would be fine they're actually metal on the outside and plastic on the inside and i think that's how the stock ones are too but these just give you you know a little more travel in the ball joint so that you don't damage those bilstein doesn't take it necessary to actually put control arms on but i figured i'd be safe and go ahead and just put these on let's get started um all right so the first step in this is getting this tie rod off here [Music] okay that's off so uh pull it off and just put it back up a few threads on there and we don't want to take that out yet that'll keep us from swinging around here now the next part of this is to get the brake caliper off and away from the assembly there and these brake caliper bolts are going to be a 16 millimeter okay you're going to want to get this abs cable away from the brake line and then there's also a little christmas tree clip that holds it onto the holes the abs line onto the upper control arm you can use a trim tool or a big screwdriver get this out that sounds really stuck in there there we go okay so that's free from the brake line and the control arm now we can drop our caliper and i got this bucket here to set it on you can bungee it or zip tie it or whatever this helps a lot getting this out of the way though with this job not totally necessary but it does it does help another item that helps is a nice pry bar this one's name is quinn right now just set that aside all right so now we can loosen this ball joint so the problem with this ball joint is hard to fit an impact in there and you need a deep socket again this is a 21 millimeter okay all right that nut is off and we'll put it back on with a few threads there so we can knock that ball joint out my puller is not quite big enough for this so what ends up happening is it goes and actually sits on this nut and this nut is going to get thrown away because it's a one-time use so we can just beat that in there and get it off all right there it goes all right that one was in there pretty good actually knocked my brake pad out of the out of there which is funny but it is off now now we can go ahead and pull this tie rod out and set that aside i like to put the nut back on although this one we're going to be replacing those are the two replaceable nuts on this job is the ball joint and the tie rod in so we go ahead and remove our sway bar end link here there we go yep there it goes now we got that done the next thing we're going to do is get this lower shock mount off that is a 21 on the front and a 24 on the back there we go okay next is going to be the control arm okay okay control arm out we'll probably pry this guy out it's not terribly difficult it's just kind of violent there we go now that's out sweet there that is out on to the dangerous job all right guys this is my least favorite part of the job but if you're gonna do this it has to be done so i'll start by putting some penetrating oil on this nut here so that's pretty rusted on and it's recommended that you mark this shock mount here with the spring so you know where it goes when you put the new one on but this one's already marked from the factory that's still on there so i guess we'll get to compressing this spring and uh we'll go from there okay we're all set up here now and on this i mean this is some pretty dangerous stuff here so if you're not comfortable with doing it i would suggest you find a shop that can do it for you um it's not my favorite job to do but you know it can be done safely at home you just gotta watch out and go slow take your time don't be in a rush and the key here is to tighten these as evenly as you can and get this top plate to spin freely so and right now i'm going to set this aside and prepare the other strut to put in here now here's my bilstein strut and like i said before this one's adjustable and we're going to this fifth setting on here a little hard to see but there's this clip here and we're gonna move it up to here and that will give us a two inch lift on this truck there we go now you wouldn't think that little clip could hold all that pressure but bilstein assures us that it certainly will so we'll go with it a lower spring perch mount there and that just goes right over the strap just like that you don't want to get that upside down and then this that just goes on top of there and it needs to be beat down into position carefully this takes a 18 millimeter socket and inside it has a bolt that you can use to make make sure the shaft doesn't spin that's an eight millimeter i got this ratchet from harbor freight that actually has a pass through so you can fit your other socket in there it's pretty good all right now so we've got to remove this jounce bumper and relocate it to the other strut just like that all right guy up in here all right so now it's time to get the strut back in here and it just goes in the way it came out go go in there you go there we go [Music] so that's in we're going to leave that loose for right now and then hook up everything else and we're using new nuts on the ball joint and on the tie rod end and you saw what i did to the last nut so it's a good thing ball joints on so we get our tie rod in here we'll get the new nut holding that so it's the next day and i finished this job and then realized that the battery was dead my camera so hopefully we got all the footage we need but the job is done and we indeed have two inches of lift on the front of this truck so we started out on the driver's side front at 37 inches from the ground and then we ended up at 39 inches and then the passenger side was 37 and 3 16 and ended up at 39 and the eighth so just about two inches there from the center of the hub where you're supposed to measure beforehand both sides measured 22 and a quarter and when i was done they both measured 24 and a quarter so that eliminates any of the tire bulge or anything like that so it's a true two inches we got from the bilstein 5100s so i had the chance to drive my truck yesterday and everything seems to be functioning fine even the ride is pretty much like factory so that's great i am gonna do rear shocks on this truck but just like everyone else i'm waiting on the parts to become available so i think they're not available till about november but we'll see i hope you enjoyed this video this is workshop and home and we'll see you next time [Music] you