2019 RAM 1500 Brake Noise – Rear Brake Moan Fixed!

Jan 21, 2021 | Automotive

I fixed my 2019 RAM 1500 brake noise with the Mopar anti-moan kit. The rear brakes were making a moaning/howling noise when it was cold outside. After adding this kit, the rear brake moan is gone.

Mopar part number: 68446866AA


Video Transcript

i'm going to fix the brakes on this 2019 ram 1500. so this truck makes some break noise when i back up in the morning out of the driveway and it usually only happens when it's cold and it only really started a couple of months ago i have about 10 000 miles on this truck and it's just a really loud vibrating noise almost like a howling or moaning so i ordered the official anti-moan kit from mopar the kit comes with four of these brackets that attach to the rear brake caliper and then kind of sit on the axle and there's two on each side and then they also give you these clamps that go around the axle and with the bracket as well to kind of hold those in place and then they give you some hardware to put it in one note on this is the bolts the new bolts that they give you are this star pattern head and you'll need a special socket for those and i happen to have one of those it's an e20 star pattern and i think i picked these up online and i actually picked these up years ago for a old bmw i had technically this truck is still under warranty but the experience i've had the dealer in my local area has not been great and you know it's 30 or 40 minutes away and then i waste a day for 50 bucks it should be easy enough to do and i'll just do it myself [Music] good [Music] so [Music] so [Music] my [Music] so if you take a look down here you can see how this bracket is on here so this is the caliper bracket bolt that put in that's the top one and then this clamp to hold these in place then there's top and bottom of these brackets well it's been about a week since i installed the brake anti-moan kit and so far so good i haven't had any more of the moaning noise when it's cold outside and it's been pretty cold here recently and i went ahead and put that part number down in the description if any of you are having the same issue i hope you've enjoyed this video as much as i've enjoyed making it and if you wouldn't mind just hit that little subscribe button down there at 250 subscribers i'm gonna go ahead and shave this beard well thanks for watching workshop and home you